Career Ladders

A sample of career ladders I use for my organization, open sourced for anyone.

It's been about a year since I promised Sam Julien that I would open source the career laddering I've developed as an Engineering Manager and VP.

This writeup explains a bit more about my process >

It's very important to not just put up career ladders and call it a day, but rather, put them into practice with a system that your employees can trust.

I'm open sourcing my career ladders so people have a launching-off point. I do not have this all figured out, please feel free to iterate, or give feedback, or submit a PR. Full transparency, I don't have a ton of time for maintenance right now, and am maintaining a lot of repos, so if your PR goes unnoticed for a while, that's why. I also may reject a PR if it's not the way I personally want to structure something, but that's ok! It's alright for us to have different ways of creating laddering.

In fact, I would encourage one to make some changes depending on your org in particular, we don't have to all be the same, and probably shouldn't be.

Special thanks to Lauren Sell, Dizzy Smith, Jason Lengstorf, and Dalia Havens for always being around to bounce my ideas off of. Thanks to Chad Fowler for demonstrating a great example of career laddering while I was at Microsoft!

This repo is open sourced on my GitHub.